A new brand by Crew Restaurant Group that makes a successful name for itself in the world of gastronomy, thanks to the brands with different concepts created by the Group… The concept of the new brand has been developed by Selçuk Türköz, known as the genius within the sector, and the menu has been prepared by the Partner Chef Tolgar Mireli.Para Gastroteka has a literature menu that re-interprets the Modern European cuisine using classic French cooking techniques with far-eastern touches.

Serving as a place for casual fine dining, the venue will also host Michelin star chefs from French and European cuisines and offer the chance to taste their special menus.






At Para Gastroteka, as the new representative of the Modern European cuisine, which we have interpreted with far-eastern touches, our mission is innovation and renewal.
We are aiming to introduce the fine dining culture to Ankara.
Our most important motivation and principle in the kitchen is to work with a team that is disciplined, hard-working and devoted, in addition to working in harmony.
“Every meal presented must be a signature”
We present you the best with our team prioritizing creativity and regarding cooking as an art form, who are not just following recipes.
PARA for the Best Meal, for the Best Presentation, for the Best Service…

Tolgar Mireli  – Para Gastroteka Partner Chef


By the way, @paragastroteka is the 5th brand by @crewgroup and managed by Selçuk TÜRKÖZ, the genius of the sector.

Ömür Akkor@omurakkor

Should try: a good candidate for fine dining.

Alp Dündar@alpdundar

Great atmosphere, delicious tastes. Thank you. @selcuktrkz @crewgroup @tolgarmireli

Gökmen Sözen - FoodinLife Dergisi

The first step taken upon realizing the effort made by skillful hands preparing the meal and respecting the meal. Then you start treating the meal like a work of art. The architecture behind all these, chef @tolgarmireli, so glad to have you in Ankara. So glad that you have introduced such colors and tastes to us. Sending lots of love for the elegant concept and warm hosting of @paragastroteka.

Duygu Sökmen@dygsokmen

Everything is great, but the olive tree rising in the middle of the hall is the final point! Immortality, wisdom, purity, hygiene, nobility and the olive tree adding value to the restaurant! Marvelous.

Bilge Keykubat